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Reviews TV Curse of too many emperors

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2007/1/9 10:50:55

There is no trouble guessing the theme for the most popular television dramas in 2007. Historical soaps are expected to dominate the small screen following their popularity in 2006.

Though timelines differ, power struggles inside glamorous palaces seem to be the favored diet by Chinese directors and investors. Some actors and emperors seem to be favoured more than others.

Chen Daoming and Chen Baoguo play the same role of Goujian, the Duke of Yue, in two different TV drama productions of the same story set in the 5th century BC.

China Central Television (CCTV) finally chose Chen Daoming's drama for tomorrow's debut at 7:30 pm on CCTV-8.

But Chen Baoguo has not lost the battle . Hunan Satellite TV, famed for snatching the spotlight away from CCTV, took Chen Baoguo's Ming Dynasty 1566 (Daming Wangchao 1566).

It was screened yesterday at 9:55 pm as its big draw card for the night. However both rulers may be washed away by a flood of emperors.

Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), for example, is portrayed by Ma Yue and Tang Guoqiang in two dramas by CCTV and Beijing Television.

"Many film and TV companies all follow the same road but this is a mistake," remarked Liu Heping, playwright of Yongzheng Dynasty (Yongzheng Wangchao) and Ming Dynasty 1566.


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