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Men and women ¡°unequal¡± in real life, survey

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2007/3/9 15:04:38

Chinanews, Beijing, Mar. 9 ¨C A recent online survey shows that more than 70% of women and 56% of men think that in real life, men and women are actually "unequal," the Beijing Morning Post reported.

The survey was conducted by the women's channel in sina website.

When asked the question ¡°based on your own experiences, do you think that men and women are equal?¡±, 74% of the women and 55.6% of the men in the survey say ¡°no¡±.

Political prospect, career opportunities, and chance of promotion are listed as the top three aspects where sexual discrimination exists. Nearly 80% of the women and 70% of the men in the survey agree that there is inequality in these three aspects. On the other hand, most men and women agree that in the aspects of education and legal rights, men and women are almost equal.

¡°Doing household chores¡± is selected as the No. 1 issue where inequality is reflected most in family life, as 73% of the women and 56% of the men pick up this item. In other aspects, while most women think that inequality in family life is manifested by such issues as children¡¯s choice of surname, who is the head of the family, who decides family spending and who should decide when to give birth to a baby, men think that such inequality is demonstrated, successively, by issues like who decides family spending, whose relatives are more respected in the family, and the children¡¯s choice of surname.

The survey also shows that 70% of the women and 40% of the men think that women have ¡°fewer chances than men to become successful¡±. 78% of the women and nearly 60% of the men agree that men have more chances than women ¡°in getting promoted¡±. Only 16% of the women and 25% of the men think that the chance of promotion is equal between men and women. In addition, 5% of the women and 17% of the men think it's easier for women than men to get promoted.

In spite of all these differences, it seems that the women and the men in the survey finally share something in common--a majority of women (more than 50%) and men (65%) in the survey agree that both women and men have the right to pursue their love progressively. ¡°It depends from case to case as to who should take the initiative,¡± they say. In another aspect, 40% of the women and the same percentage of men think that men will not cherish the women who make overtures first.

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