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Hotest on net:Wenkeshaji (Kill Chicken) restaurant

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  授星仪式:环境★★★ 口味★★★ 价位★★★ 服务★★ 车位★★★★

Address: NO.113 of Xianjiahu road, West of Xiangjiang river     Tele:8921299
Special: Kowloon  fish 28 Yuan, sauce ribs 18 Yuan
Restaurant: A post marked" Running restaurant is my career; creating taste is my key, makeing money is my job" is hang on the wall of the restaurant. "The hotest taste and chepest price: kids with school prize may have a steam egg for free; student of national No.1 enrolled in college had better not coming here, because he/she will be always serviced without paying." Readiing these posts, you may come in and give hearty laughter. 

This restaurant is the hotest restaurant on internet due to the humourous posts the boss pasted on the walls. All cuisine are drawn on the memu, and in every vip room a white coat is hanged for you signing your name. "Sign you name, I will give you a steam egg for free", so you are willing to sign your name, aren'g you?

Cuisine:TDon't take -- the restaurant name "killing chicken" --granded, the best cuisine is not chicken but fish. The best cuisine is steamed Kowloon  fish. The fish is not big, and it is steamed with complete fish with Chinese onion, jinger, and galic. The fish has fragrant and soft flesh  even with sweet taste.
Tips: Remind them to service a steamed dish for free, because they are too busy to remenber.

Environment ★★★ taste ★★★ price position ★★★service ★★ berth ★★★★

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