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Thousands compete for^Happy Boy^, Changsha

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Updated:2007/3/30 16:34:33

The song contest "Happy Boy" begins on March 28 Changsha. Changsha is the first contest area for the contest.

 Applicants make a queue.

Fu Chao, the General director of Changsha contest area.

A competitor has a photo taken before the logo board.

Rednet (Changsha), The national song contest "Happy boy" begins in Changsha. Changsha is the first contest area. March 28 is the first day for registing competitors in Changsha. It attracts over one thousand competitors in that day. Fu Chao, the general director of Changsha area, expressed her satisfy for the number. She said, "It is the amount of only one day in one area". Many of the competitors are the girlish type. Fu said, " We wish to pick more tuff guys from these competitors".
 "Tuff" guys will be more competitive this year  

  Report finds that there are various styles of boys in these competitor. Great proporsion of them is "girlish" style. Fu Chao said with a smile," We prefer tuff boys this
 Report finds that there are various styles of boys in these competitor. Great proporsion of them is "girlish" style. Fu Chao said with a smile," We prefer tuff boys this year". She said that she have no bias on girlish boys, but the ones who attract audience's attention by bizarrerie will be neglected. Good feeling and skills of singing will be the major reason for the winners, and meanwhile popularity is the also the crucial element for winning the game. 

She said, "though some 'super girl' winners are boy-looking, Chinese people feel more uncomfortable with girlish boys traditionly". And she said that the activity will use all means to cultivate "man"-style environment for the contest.

  No audition for everyone in different areas with shorten contest procession
 There are no audition for everyone with picking out better singers with less rounds for the contest. Only Changsha area has one more contest of "20 out of 50 round" . Other areas has one contest of "10 out of 50 round" and " 1 out of 10 round" . There are no " 8 out of 10 round" and " 6 out of 8 round" as in last year. The shorten term may reduce entertainment of the contest, but it is required by Chinese Government.

  "Happy Boy", not "Super Boy"

The wildly popular Chinese version of the "American Idol" song contest has secured approval for a 2007 season, state media reported Wednesday.

Producers of the televised competition Thursday announced the launch of the upcoming season, and it will be an all-male affair with contestants vying for the title "Happy Boy," the Beijing Times newspaper reported.

Last year's contest was an all-female version under the title "Super Girl," but state regulators only granted approval for this year after insisting that producers avoid the name "Super Boy," the paper added, citing show officials.

The show was hatched in 2004 by Hunan Satellite Television in central China and has proved an absolute phenomenon.

While China has several pop idol-style shows, "Super Girls" is the leader, with the 2006 final attracting an extraordinary audience figure of 400 million viewers, just under a third of China's population.

Producers this year plan to whittle down the number of contestants -- more than 100,000 entered last year -- with an Internet audition system aimed also at preventing a crush of applicants from besieging production sites.

Internet applicants must have online access and will be required to send in a 60-second video clip in which they sing unaccompanied.

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