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A “Grabbing-guests” kid by the Xiang River

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2007/9/5 11:24:44

Holding a round broad, Wen and other 5 boys are hurrying for leading a car to their restaurants.

 Wen is the first one guiding  the guest to the restaurant where he is working at.

Leading to guest to the parking place, Wen finally got guests for the restaurant.

Spinning the "Parking" broad, Wen shows his happiness on his face.

  红网长沙8月29日讯(记者 谢伦丁)任何一辆速度稍微有所放慢的小车路过,手举“泊车”圆牌的小文和他的五、六个同行会一窝蜂拥上去,凑在尚未停稳的车边。不管使用什么方法,将车“抢”到所属饭馆门前的地盘,并将车上的客人引进店堂,就算完成任务了。

  Rednet (August 29, reporter Xie Lending): Any car slowed down its speed slightly, five or six boys thronged to the car quickly with a board marked "parking" in their hands. Whatever means they use, their tusk is to lead the car to the parking place of the restaurant where they work at respectively.


      These are the restaurants by the mid-Xiangjiang Road nearby Dupu Building. When the meal time comes, "grabbing-guests" is a special scence of the restaurants where serving for fresh-fish cuisine by Xiangjiang River. Guests of these restaurants also treat the "grabbing" as the appetizer before they have their dinner.

The tip of "grabbing-guests" is to run fast for

    The "grabbing-guests" kid is the gate boy of a restaurant named Wen. A few years ago, Wen moved from Hengshan to Changsha with his family, and he started working at age of 20 by transporting coals to serval restaurants after high school graduation. Wen now is the most capable "grabbing-guests" kid. 


  Meal time from 11 am to 2pm and 4pm to 8 pm are the work time, and the paveway in front of the restaurant is the working place for Wen. Unlike other boys, Wen is always standing or walking around for joking and asking snack from others. As soon as he saw a car drawing near, he dashed to the car by the window and talked to the motorist by running. At this moment, boyz of other restaurants just began to run towords the car.

" You must say the good things about your restaurant, and having vacanct tables," said Wen. His tip is to run fast and to be talktive. "Actually, the cuisines and the prices are almost the same. Guests may follow the guy giving more introduction," Wen laughed.

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