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Man throws girls, boy from 3rd floor

Editor:Angel K. Yan
Updated:2007/9/19 16:59:24
A MAN in central China's Hunan Province threw six primary students to the ground from the third floor of a school building yesterday, killing one girl and badly injuring two.

Nobody could explain when and how the 28-year man identified as Kuang Xi got into the campus of a primary school in Hongqiao Town of Qidong County in Hengyang City, said the Nanfang Metropolis Daily.

Kuang was brought under control by four men before he could throw the seventh child from the building.

Nine-year girl Jiang Qin was killed, while her two female school mates are still in very serious condition, doctors said.

The incident occurred about 9:55am when students were playing in the corridor during a class break.

Kuang appeared suddenly, held Jiang up and threw her to the ground. He then threw four more girls and one boy, said the report.

Jiang died on the site as the other girls all fell onto her body, said the report.

The boy was luckier as he grasped a tree branch during his plunge.

Police believe Kuang is suffering from mental problems.
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