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School Tragedy Kills 1 Girl, Injures 5 Others

Editor:Angel K. Yan
Updated:2007/9/19 16:59:24

A "mentally ill man" hurled six pupils from the third floor of a classroom building in a primary school in Central China. A girl died on the spot. One boy and another 4 girls were injured; two of them are in serious condition. The mentally disturbed man was caught in the very act and put into police custody, the Nanfang Metropolis Daily reported today.

The tragedy took place at about 10:00 AM yesterday when pupils of Hongqiao Primary School, in Hengyang City of Hunan Province, were resting in a school corridor during a class break. Suddenly, a stranger approached and snatched up a girl, 9-year-old Jiang Qin, and then hurled her from the building. Jiang died on the spot.

Then the assailant caught another four girls and a boy and hurled them out of the building. The boy first landed in a nearby tree and then dropped onto the ground; he suffered light injuries. Two of the girls suffered some injuries. The other two of the four girls, however, were seriously injured. One may be in danger of losing her life, a doctor said.

The killer, confirmed as Kuang Xi, aged 28, has been identified as  "possibly mentally ill" from materials released for the press by the local education bureau. Some local people said that the man became retarded after his parents divorced a few years ago.

Shortly after the tragedy happened, Zhang Chunxian, Party Chief of the province, urged the local government to go all out to assist and aid the injured students.

The police are interrogating the killer.

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