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Li Hui in Rednet chatroom: I love to talk to youth

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/1/28 14:36:03

 Li Hui, secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, had an interview in Rednet chatroom

Li Hui answered the on-line questions with smile.

被网友称为美女书记、美女代表,但李晖对这些“美称”不在乎,她更愿意谈青年工作 Been called beauty secretary and delegate, Li would rather talk about her work rather her outfit.

红网长沙1月25日讯 她在红网开通秀客 ,是目前行政级别最高的红网秀客用户。她在秀客中公布的两个议案都和青少年有关,受到网友的积极关注。更有网友发贴留言,说她像国际巨星章子怡,亲切称她为“美女代表”。

 Rednet (Changsha January 25) She opened her blog in Rednet Show channel. She is the top delegate registered in Rednet. Li Hui is the delegate who made two proposals about youth in the 11th people's congress of Hunan, which drew great attention from average people in Hunan. Net viewers call her a "beautiful" delegate with the look of Zhang Ziyi the  international film star from China.


Her name is Li Hui, and she is the delegate of the 11th People's congress of Hunan province and the delegate of the 17th National People's congress. She is the secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League.


 "Young people is the main force to construct a resource-saving and friendly-environment -society," she said when she talked about the works of young people in constructing better society. Li said that the work of younth should began from four aspects: first, to encourage youth to work for the society; second, to guide young people serve better for the society; third, to educate young people; fouth, to protect young people legistically. These are tusks of Communist Youth League.

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