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Li Li get the honor of “People moves China”

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Updated:2008/2/19 10:01:51

   去年12月,北京女子监狱,服刑人员听完李丽的报告后,给她系上象征感恩的蓝丝带。 Li Li went to Prison of Beijing to have chats with  prisonors, and they gave Li ribbons in return.

李丽做客红网嘉宾访谈室时,成为网友们关注的焦点. Li in Rednet chatroom.

  红网长沙2月17日讯(记者 刘胜军)一个坐在轮椅上的湖南女子,凭借着身残志坚的毅力,凭借她的爱心,善行五年,让20万人受益。她叫李丽,45岁,衡阳市“李丽家庭教育工作室”、公益网站“丽爱天空”创办人。今晚,坐在轮椅上的她出现在中央电视台2007年度“感动中国”人物颁奖典礼上,她的爱,感动了中国。

     Li Li is known as "Helen Keller of Hunan". The 45-year-old has been living with polio since the age of one. She suffered another tragedy when she was 40: an accident completely paralyzed her lower body. But physical disability could not stop her from engaging in social and educational work.


Li is founder of a website on home education and a workshop on psychological education for juveniles. She has delivered lectures in more than 100 institutions, inspiring thousands of people.

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