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Xia Mann: Queen of Beauty Business

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/7/4 11:34:34


(夏曼 摩登国际总裁)


A slender woman with strong perspectives came to Rednet chatroom. She is Xia Mann Queen of the beauty business in Changsha city, who was a magical "Little beauticians" in her teenage for all persons around her old house. After the study of art professionals, Xia went to her cousin's in Hong Kong for learning make-up skills in a small studio. After arduous pioneering for years, she now be come the head of  chain beauty salons which top as NO.1 of beauty industry in Changsha.  Xia put aside all disdain and misunderstanding of early years, and she has achieved great successof building the Kingdom of beauty salons. The modern woman is Miss Xia Mann the COO of  "Chain Salon of Hong Kong Pretty Baby ".

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