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Happy! Ready Go!

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/9/8 14:03:53

   访谈嘉宾:湖南经视节目中心主任、《快乐向前冲》制片人 章红伟、主持人 彭宇

Live show of " Happy! Ready Go!" is a TV real people show of Hunan economic TV. As the year of Beijing Olympic Games, Hunan people activly enjoy the competition of adventure game which is like a game of walk on barrals and balls.

《快乐向前冲》节目主持人 Hosts of the live show.

“超人”在挑战现场 "Superman" in the game.

挑战现场全民参与 Running fast is the key of passing the game.


 " Happy! Ready Go!" is one of most popular TV shows since May in 2008 , and the program has attracted national wide audience to enjoy the games.

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