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8.7 million tourists in Hunan during Golden Week

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/10/10 11:00:21

(国庆长假,市民在湖南烈士公园尽情玩乐,轻松过节。 记者张京明摄 During holidays of National Day , citizens enjoyed their time in Martyrs Park (Lieshi Park ) of Changsha city. Photo by Zhang Jingming)

( 10月5日,一批自行车爱好者骑车前往怀化市洪江区菖蒲山,欣赏秀丽风光。刘文颖周建勇摄 A group of bicycle riders  were on their way to  enjoy the beautiful scenery of Changpu mountain in Hongjiang area, Huaihua city on October 5.  Photo by Liu Wenying and Zhou Jianyong.)


    The number of tourists in Hunan was surging during this year's seven holidays of  National Days. From September 29 to October 5, the sum of  tourists reached 8,774,200 persons in total, which increased 19.13%% than the last year's Golden Week Holidays in Hunan.  It hits its highest level according to the data from Holiday office of Hunan Province. The income of tourism reached 3.87 billon yuan, with 23.14%% of increase more than last year. At the same time, 14 counties and cities have more than 100 million yuan of income in tourism than ever.


   In addition,  only 17 complaints was handed to governments in Golden Week holidays.  No accidents happened during the holidays, and which indicates service quality in the holidays has improved significantly in Hunan province's tourism.

     好玩的活动太多了  Interesting activities for tourists

      Hunan province organized  a series of themed activities in major scenic spots.  Interesting tours with theme-activities attracted thousands of tourists, such as Tomato fights, "Swimming with shark " in Changsha, Taohuayuan park tour in Changde, "Tujia Maogusi Cultural Festival " in Furong county of Xiangxi and Cattlehead meals.

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