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lovely BURN-E in film “WALL-E”

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/11/11 10:34:20



Burn-E is a Pixar short film that should be attached to the movie Wall-E on the DVD release. Disney Pixar have been kind of secretive about Burn-E: not that much has been unveiled by them so far.

But a / Film reader asserts that Burn-E can be spotted in some Wall-E footage previously released by Disney Pixar.

According to him Burn-E would be a welding robot who gets stuck out of the spaceship Axiom while working outside when a door suddenly locks. The robot then bangs his fist against the door out of frustration.

It is now confirmed that Burn-E is indeed the welder robot from the video scene above

Here below some new pictures of Burn-E, the star of this new Pixar short film:

   The Burn-E movie is said to run 7:35 long: more than enough for Pixar to amaze us once more time!:)

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