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Zhuzhou Vegetables Available in Japan and Republic of Korea

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/12/13 9:54:40

  Twenty varieties of local special vegetables are warmly accepted in and outside of Hunan province, and even in Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Special vegetables in Zhuzhou are enjoying promising momentum of development, Zhuzhou chiefs of Zhuzhou City Bureau of Agriculture told on Dec.8.

  Counties and towns in Zhuzhou have taken substantial heed of the construction of special vegetable bases for breeding and developing vegetables this year and have witnessed favorable effects.

  According to the statistics, Zhuzhou at present owns 53 relatively centralized stretches of vegetable bases, each with an area of over 82 acres, including 33 bases of special vegetables. The belt of special vegetables in villages and towns along the No.106 National Highway has taken shape.

  Farmers of special vegetables across Zhuzhou are springing up like mushrooms, and the profits are also boosting.

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