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Output Value of Hunan Food Industry Over 10 Bln 湖南食品工业跨入千亿元产业方阵

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/12/30 9:18:52

  According to the Summit Form on Hunan Food Industry Development - Hunan Cuisine Brand Project Conference, Hunan's food industry of scale has realized a total output value of 10.71 billion Yuan (tobacco not included) during the period from January to November this year and ascended to the third industry with the output value over ten billion Yuan in Hunan Province. Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice-governor of Hunan Province, Shi Yuzhen, deputy director of Hunan Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and veteran leader Li Yiheng presented at the conference.

  Oriented on the refined processing industry of advanced agricultural resources, Hunan has shaped a series of superior industries as food processing, poultry meat processing, edible oil processing, etc.; the industrial scale increasingly expands and there have been over 1200 enterprises of scale; the food industrial parks develop rapidly; the whole food industry of Hunan Province has owned 14 famous brand products and 13 well-known trademarks of China.

  Chen Zhaoxiong called for to orient on industrial structure adjustment and independent innovation, and develop brand construction, so as to endeavor to realize a total output value of Hunan's food industry of scale over 500 billion Yuan in 2015.

    湖南日报12月27日讯(记者 李勇 通讯员 郑安生 关莉娜)记者从昨天召开的湖南食品工业发展高峰论坛·湘菜产业品牌工程会议上获悉,今年1至11月,全省规模食品工业(不含烟草)完成总产值1071亿元,成为我省第三个千亿元产业。副省长陈肇雄、省政协副主席石玉珍、老同志李贻衡出席。

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