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Ji’s Houses Most well-protected houses in Hunan

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   围墙上专辟有照明灯的位置,便于路人夜行 For the convenience of passerbies, lamps are equiped on the walls around Ji's Houses.

It was one of army bases in Qing Dynasty.

One of Ji's houses was the former site of revolution of Communist Party of China.

These big houses witnessed the glorious past of Pushi town.

高大气派的正门 The tall and brilliant gate of the main entrance of Ji's Grand Houses


    Twenty kilometers away from Luxi county and Baisha county, there is one of "the wellknown ancient towns of China", which is call Pushi town. 

   由于水路交通发达,历史上浦市商贸、文化极其繁荣。自明清时期至民国年间,在这不到两平方公里的古镇里,修建了三条商贸古街、六座古戏楼、十三省会馆、二十多座货运码头、四十五条巷弄、五十多家封火墙窖字屋、七十二座寺庙道观、九十多个作坊。 因商贸交流、文化融汇,故有“小南京”之美誉。

    The town was prosperous due to convenient waterway, and its busy markets made the town a culture center at that time. From Ming and Qing Dynasty to the period of the Republic of China, the small ancient town (less than 2 square kilometers) had built three commercial roads with six ancient theaters, a meeting hall of merchants from 13 provinces, over 20 Terminal Blocks, 45 alleys,  More than 50 houses, 72 Taoist temples and more than 90 workshops.  As a result of the exchange and trade, the town became a economic and culture center named as "little capital in south China". 

(Source: Sanxiang Metro Paper, Translated by Li Shaning)

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