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Changsha Fiery Palace Celebrating Temple Fair 火宫殿“财神”丢红包

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/2/1 9:51:29

  A New Year temple fair was celebrated in Changsha fiery palace (also: Fire God Palace,Huo Gong Dian)Jan. 28, a 100-year-old eatery, where the Fortune God was sending red money packets (cash wrapped up in red envelope, symbolizing fortune and wealth in the coming year.) to visitors. Performers from western Hunan gave theatrical show with strong Xiangxi flavor to the Changsha audiences at the temple fair.

  1月28日,火宫殿戏曲舞台上,“财神爷”正在给观众发红包。 当日,长沙市百年餐饮老店火宫殿举办迎春庙会。庙会上,来自湖南张家界的戏剧演员们为长沙的观众带来了充满浓郁湘西风情的地方戏剧。 新华社记者 李尕 摄

  According to the Changsha Evening Newspaper, there will be good plays in the fiery palace every day from Jan. 25 to Feb. 1. Despite the cold rain on Jan. 28, the Changsha citizens were still very enthusiasitic. The theater performers from Zhangjiajie of Hunan not only bring Xiangxi-flavored performances but also the red money packets enveloped in red paper to the audience, arousing a sensation.

    长沙晚报1月29日讯 从1月25日到2月1日,长沙火宫殿每天都有好戏连连。昨日,天气微寒,小雨连连,但阻挡不住市民朋友的热情。来自湖南张家界的戏剧演员们不但为长沙的观众带来了充满浓郁湘西风情的地方戏剧,还干脆现场给观众发起了红包,场面气氛十分火爆。

  It is known that the New Year temple fair in the fiery palace located in Pozi Street, consisting of theater performances, delicacy tasting and games, ect, will continue until the seventh day of Chinese lunar New Year. There will be various performances like Zhezi play, ethnic dances and songs on the old theater stages; Xiang Cuisine and snacks as well as many traditional Chinese games such as the sugar drawing, sedan chair, colorful Chinese dragon boating etc.



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