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Hunan¨s Last Steam Engine Locomotive Officially Retires

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/3/4 14:39:46

  Good- bye! Glorious locomotive 0622 -the last locomotive driven by a steam engine in Hunan is set to be put out of commission officially yesterday. It will be replaced by the more advanced locomotive GKie3319 driven by an internal combustion engine. Although the steam engine locomotive of the former Xiangtan Manganese Mine makes very loud noises, the local people already accustomed to it still feel strong attachment to the old friend. Member of British International Camellia Association John Fidel came to the former Xiangtan Manganese Mine on purpose of calling for preserving this steam engine locomotive and developing a sight-seeing route from the Manganese Mine to Shaoshan- the hometown of the former great chairman Mao Zedong via Xiangtan city by means of the existing railway connecting the three places.

  The old-style locomotive is expected to fulfill its last commission today. " Most locomotives in Zhuzhou are driven by electricity instead of internal combustion engines. now"A retired worker with Zhuzhou Locomotive Depot introduced. He confirmed that the steam engine locomotive in operation is the last one of its kind in Hunan.

  "It is the locomotive that the first woman engine driver in China once drove." Li Xiaoping, having worked at the railway crossing in the Manganese Mine for 22 years told the reporter. He added that this woman driver was rather nice. A movie taking her as the original image was shot last November.

  The British international friend John Fidel suggested building up a memorial sightseeing park for this locomotive.

  "The former Xiangtan Manganese Mine Area possesses favorable conditions for setting up such a memorial park and it's practical to do this." Fidel said. The train driven by the steam engine symbolized an era. It's certain that the memorial park for the steam engine locomotive will attract thousands of tourists. It would be a regret to sell is as scrap iron.

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