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Changsha Mayor Zhang Jianfei Interviewed By CCTV-9

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/3/16 16:55:34

  Hunan NPC deputy and Changsha mayor Zhang Jianfei accepted the exclusive interview by CCTV-9, the only English language channel of China Central Television on the evening of Mar.14. He talked about his views on the current economic situation and countermeasures to cope with the global recession.

  "The global financial crisis has also brought about great diverse impacts on many sectors of Changsha' economic development, which is profoundly manifested from the difficulty in operation and products sale for small and medium sized enterprise' (SMEs), the sluggish real estate market, the increasing pressure arising from the employment for laid-off workers and other aspects. However, Channgsha's social and economic development still enjoys the good momentum thanks to the concerted efforts of people from all walks of life especially the series of measures taken by Changsha city CPC committee and the city government. GDP in Changsha has jumped by 12.8% in January and February. The growth of local financial revenue exceeded 20% and industrial power consumption rose by 15.05%, Zhang introduced in the interview.

  He remarked that though the global financial crisis has some impacts on China, the degree of such impacts varies in different countries, regions and industries. China suffered less than those western countries since we didn't lose real wealth. The major difficulty we are facing is the surplus of production capabilities. If we adjust the industrial structure at the right time and make use of the overcapacity of export for expanding the domestic demands, the problem can be settled properly. So we must consolidate our confidence. The country's economic growth target for this year is 8% and our goal for changsha is to reach a grow rate of 12%, which we are very confident in.

  Zhang also mentioned that the global financial recession has diversely affected the employment to some extend. There are about 700 thousand rural migrant workers in Changsha's rural areas and about 80 thousand of them have stayed in the hometown since they returned during the Spring Festival. Changsha's well-developed service industry has offered a lot of posts for migrant workers from other places outside the city and also has the capacity to employ this group of local workers.

  Public opinion serves as the most important means of supervision. We may be more cautious if criticized while praises may easily make us proud. So we are happy to hear criticism. Internet has become a more and more important media and one of the major channels for the masses to reflect their appeals and opinions. Therefore we should attach more importance to the netizens'advice and opinions, Zhang urged.

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