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The handsome sells fastfood in Fallen Street

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/3/30 16:55:22

3月28日下午,帅小伙正忙活着做烧饼。 摄/耿红仁A handsome boy was making fastfood, in the afternoon March 28.   Photo  by Geng Hongren

    3月28日下午,帅小伙微笑着为顾客做烧饼。With a warm smile, the handsome boy was making Shaobing ( a kind of fastfood is like sandwich or burger nowadays )  for his customers.  Photo by Geng Hongren

    帅小伙两平米左右的店面,是在一屋檐下搭建的棚子。摄/耿红仁 The boy made a two-square-meters fastfood tent by the roof of a shielter. Photo  by Geng Hongren。

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    Rednet Changsha-----Talking about the typical image of a man who sells Shaobing ( a kind of bread-like fastfood) , people usually recall Wu Dalang, a small and ugly one, who is an image in Chinese literature. Whereas, a handsome boy, selling Shaobing ( like sandwiches or burgers nowadays ) in Fallen Street of Changsha city, is totally different from Wu Dalang. The strikingly handsome young man does the humble job of making fastfood within a two-square-meter small stall. Some netizens said that he might be a rich boy, and what he is doing might be a part time job for experiencing a different life.

    帅哥长相酷似明星走红网络 The handsome guy has a outlook of movie stars


    To the boy's surprise, his working photos were wide spread online through Rednet Forum, Tianya community.


     "He is like Huang Xiaoming or Kaneshiro Takeshi. We make a nickname 'handsome cake boy' for him.  My roommate and I always buys his food. "  a netizen wrote at Rednet Forum where the boy has a lot of fans.


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