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New terminal of Changsha Airport to open to 18 mln passengers per year

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/4/23 17:38:06

(新航站楼开工奠基,不久将为旅客带来全新的感受 This is the foundation laying ceremony of the new terminal of Changsha Airport. The new terminal impress visitors with brand new feeling .)

(新航站楼效果图,这将成为湖南又一个标志性建筑 The illustration  presents the new terminal as another landmark in Hunan Province.)

      红网长沙4月22日讯(记者 喻向阳 通讯员 黎晓阳 吴婷)今天上午,长沙黄花国际机场新航站楼工程开工建设,预计明年底或后年初,旅客就能从新航站楼登机。

     Rednet Changsha------ The new terminal station in Huanghua Airport of Changsha city began its foundation laying in the morning of Apirl 22.  The completion  of this project is expected by the end of next year or the beginning of the year after next year.  And then passengers will be able to board their plans at the terminal.

      新航站楼预计到2015年,将达到年最高1800万人次的吞吐量,高峰小时旅客吞吐量可达3940人次。 湖南省委常委、副省长徐宪平出席开工仪式,并为此奠基。

     The new terminal  expected to hold 18 million persons per year after the completion of constructing by the year 2015, with capacity of holding 3940 persons per hour in rush hours. Xu Xianping , the vice Governor and the member of Hunan Provincial Party Standing Committee,  attended the foundation laying ceremony.

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