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Changsha County Awarded as 1st Water Conservation Model City, Hunan

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/5/13 16:50:11

On May 10, the Changsha County pioneered in Hunan to be officially approved as "Water Saving City" for its effective measures in water resource management such as increasing the fee of water that surpasses the prescribed quantity and strengthening the diversion of rain and sewage water.

Though Hunan boasts more abundant water resources compared with the northern cities, it is also faced with very arduous task of water-saving. Especially in recent years, the dry season of Xiangjiang River comes earlier and lasts longer, resulting in the increasingly serious seasonal shortage of water. What's worse, due to the discharge of pollutants, the water quality has been obviously destroyed to a great extent and the shortage of water has become more serious, which in turn obstructs the economic and social development.

To solve the problems mentioned above, Changsha County has proposed a number of useful attempts and tried hard to build itself into a water saving city. According to Yang Yiwen, the magistrate of Changsha County, some normative documents concerning urban water supply and water saving have been set down in the local area to make water-saving work gradually step into a legal management system. By establishing in-depth water saving enterprises, the water saving appliances have been more widely promoted, and water technology and facilities have been constructed and improved more reasonably. With the price of water in the city adjusted and a progressive increase fee system carried out, the economic leverage has played a better role in regulating the water demand. With the construction of sewage treatment projects accelerated and the implementation of "diversion of rain and sewage water ", the facilities of water supply, water saving and sewage have been further improved.

In recent years, Changsha County has invested plenty of funds in improving facilities of water supply, in building workshops of water quality control and water pollution management and thus paved the way for a water saving city.

At present, the water quality of Changsha County is in full compliance with the requirements; the treatment rate of life sewage and industrial wastewater reaches over 90%; the urban water-saving apparatus are provided to every necessary place; and all other indexes concerning water are up to domestic advanced level.

From May 10 to 16 is the "2009 All-China Water Saving Promotion Week". Some relevant persons revealed that the city would use this activity as an opportunity to further carry forward the water saving concept, to let the concept prevail in every corner of the city, to reduce carbon emission by water saving, to change the water using method, to optimize the water using structure, to strengthen the usage of irregular water resources, and thereby to make Changsha's water saving work move up to a new stage.

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