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1st Private yacht of Hunan sails its virgin voyage on Xiang River

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/8/3 17:24:48

“健行”号昨日湘江首航。李昕蕙 摄
(“健行”号昨日湘江首航。李昕蕙摄  A private yacht, named as "Jianxing", sailed its first voyage on Xiang River yesterday. photo by Li Xihui)


    "It is unforgetable that, in our mother river ,  I sailed my own yacht made in Hunan. "  Li zijian, an artist of Hunan, said to the reporter yesterday, after he and his wife sailed their private yacht on the voyage back to Changsha City, Hunan Province. The voyage last 8000 km, which traveled through South Sea, East Sea, Yangzi River, Tongting Lake,  back to Changsha.


     The yacht is an luxury yacht made by a well-known enterprise of  Hunan Province, which is independently designed, and its first voyage in Xiang River began at 18:18 pm on August 2.


The yacht is equipped with radar navigation systems, high frequency communications equipment, refrigerators, wine cooler, etc.


    "The design and manufacturing techniques of this boat have reached the world advanced level. It is produced by a Hunan enterprise !"  Li Jian said that an important cause for buying it lies that Hunan 's manufactured boat is not worse than the foreign ones, and the boat cost only one quarter of the price of a foreign-made yacht.

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