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Scientific Paper Seminar of the 10 th NMSG Opened in Changsha

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Updated:2009/8/17 10:43:12

     The Scientific Paper Seminar of the 10th National Middle School Games( NMSG) & the 5 th Scientific Meeting on Chinese PE was unveiled grandly at the High School Attached to Hunan Normal University on August 14. It gathered experts from the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China, Chinese Society of Education, provinces, cities (autonomous regions), the Production and Construction Corps of Xinjiang, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region to discuss strategies for the development of Chinese Physical Education (PE). Vice Chairman of CPPCC Hunan Committee Yuan Longping, Director-General of Physical, Hygiene & Arts Education Department under Ministry of Education Yang Guiren, Vice Director of Hunan Provincial Department of Education Wang Jian and Vice Mayor of Changsha City He Jihua along with authors of 341 papers attended the meeting. 

     Vice Mayor He Jihua said in the speech of welcome that Changsha City CPC Committee and Changsha City Government have attached great significance to the advancement of school PE and carrying out the Sunny Sports Movement. The Scientific Meeting along with the Middle School Games to be held will surely play vital roles in advancing the development of school PE in Changsha City, improving the level of school sports training & competition and building up adolescents' health.

     Director-General Yang noted that the importance of PE should be fully recognized and students' health should be enhanced by implementing the concept of healthy PE, integrating PE theories & practice, enriching the activities of PE classes, focusing on the researches of the function of sports and realizing the scientific value of sports. 

     After highly praising the achievements China has made in sports undertaking, Vice Chairman Yuan suggested that it's a must to improve the scientific researches of sports and PE in a bid to propel the advancement of the great cause and train more sports talents.

     The meeting focusing on the theme of sunny sports and healthy growth is jointly held by the organizing committee of the 10 th National Middle School Games, Chinese Society of Education, and Chinese Association of Higher Education. It aims to further propel the National Sunny Sports Movement participated by millions of students, improving students' health and promote their all-round development. The organizing committee of the meeting received 2198 papers, among which 801 were selected after the evaluation of a academic committee

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