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Lisa Ono:the Queen of Bossa Nova

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     Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lisa Ono started singing and playing the guitar when she was 15 years old, and her debut as a professional Bossa Nova singer was in 1989. Her natural voice, rhythmic guitar playing, and her charming smile led her to a huge success and helped Bossa Nova to be popular in Japan. She has been performing enthusiastically in New York, Brazil and Asian countries. The album “Dream”, which was released in 1999, sold more than 2 hundred thousand copies in Japan, and since than she has established a determined position in the Japanese Bossa Nova community.

    在巴西出生的小野丽莎从小受着一流音乐家的熏陶,15岁拿起吉他唱歌的她1989年回到日本发表首张专辑后迅速俘获众多听众,迅速在日本拓展Bossa Nova曲风,并树立其第一把交椅的地位。不仅在日本稳坐天后宝座,小野丽莎的音乐在全世界都受到肯定,不论是纽约或巴西的演唱会都有盛大的回响,甚至得到Bossa Nova之神Antonio CarlosJobim的青睐,双方合作共谱出不少精彩的作品。


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