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Changsha Donates 1 mln yuan for Taiwans Typhoon Relief

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Updated:2009/8/18 10:00:33

     He Jihua, Vice Mayor of Changsha City Government and president of Red Cross Society of China Changsha Branch on behalf of Changsha people donated 1 million yuan for the Chinese Taiwan Island's typhoon relief at the donation ceremony held by Red Cross Society of China Hunan Branch on August 15. He also called for Changsha locals to attach attention to the disaster in Taiwan and care about stricken Taiwan compatriots. This is another donation and blessing activity following the activity for the same purpose initiated by Red Cross Society of China Changsha Branch on August 7.

     Xiangtan City Government, Golden Eagle Broadcasting System, China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd, Changsha Peicui Experimental High School and other enterprises and institutions also joined the donation activity. Hunan-based Zoomlion and Sany, two giants in construction machinery manufacturing industry in China donated engineering machinery equipment worth of 5 million yuan for the relief work in Typhoon hit area in Taiwan.

     "People from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan share the same roots and blood. When Hunan suffered from disasters of flood and blizzard, our compatriots in Taiwan offered enormous aids. So it's a must that we should give them our supports when they are now suffering from serious natural disaster" Vice Mayor He said emotionally in a TV interview.



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