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Occupational Skills Competition Boils Dongtang Business Area职业竞技比赛东塘区火热上演

Editor:李莎宁 实习生:唐宏敏
Updated:2009/8/24 13:37:22

     Occupational skills competition kicked off in Dongtang business area, Changsha City on August, 20. Besides those traditional skills as table set-up, cutting technique and flower arrangement, the now popular filar socks flower workmanship also made its debut in the competition. Niu Xiaoli, "First Person of filar socks flower workmanship" in Changsha, invited rivals of all kinds to challenge her by advertising herself that the manual red-crowned crane she made was bestowed as a gift to Wu Poh-hsiung, now Chairman of the KMT Party in Taiwan during the Cross-strait Forum on the Economy, Trade and Culture.

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