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How Many Hours do You Have to Work for a Big Mac?为了一个汉堡你得工作多久

Editor:李莎宁 实习生:唐宏敏
Updated:2009/8/25 19:30:11

     According to a survey about price level, labor wage, hours, and the purchasing capability of the residents in 73 cities around the world in 2009 released by the largest financial holding group in Europe---UBS, the global average annual working time reached 1902 hours.

    In Cairo, capital of Egypt, average annual working hours reached 2373 hours, which was the highest. The shortest average annual working hours is shared by two cities in France: Lyon and Paris. The work hours of people here are 1582 hours and 1594 hours respectively.

     The survey also compared the remuneration level for work among these cities under the standard of the work hours taken by purchasing the same kind of commodity. For example, to purchase a McDonald's Big Mac hamburger, people from Beijing worked about 44 minutes, people in Chicago needed to work for 12 minutes, and people from Brussels, Belgium needed to work 19 minutes. People in Rome needed to work 27 minutes, while the work time of people from Jakarta, Indonesia reached 136 minutes.

     Taking an 8G memory iPod Walkman from Apple, Inc. as an example; people from Zurich, Switzerland, will be able to get it through nine hours of work, and Parisians in France had to work 15 hours for it. While people in Sofia, Bulgaria of Eastern Europe needed to work 78 hours, and people in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, needed the longest time, they needed to work a full 160 hours to afford it.

     The statistics also show that the price on food in Switzerland was 45 percent higher than other countries in Western Europe. Looking at the whole of Europe, the urban cost of living in Eastern Europe was still 35 percent lower than that in Western Europe, however, the remuneration level of urban residents in Western Europe was almost three times that of Eastern Europe's .That is also reflected that the imbalance of development among members of EU after it’s expansion.

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