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Changsha Mayor Conducts Enthusiastic Dialogue with Tony Blair

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Updated:2009/8/27 16:32:56

     Vice Secretary of Changsha City CPC Committee and Changsha Mayor Zhang Jianfei conducted enthusiastic dialogue on ecological environmental protection with former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair at Guiyang Conference on Eco Civilization Eco City Forum on August 22. The forum was presided over by Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia Long Yongtu with the theme of Eco City-Comfortable Living, Green Employment and Attractive Tourism.

     Instead of first introducing the measures Changsha has taken to build up an eco-city according to the conference practice, Changsha Mayor Zhang Jianfei started his speech with a question to Tony Blair. "As we all know, many products manufactured in some developing countries including China are finally consumed by developed countries. However, developed nations in the west blame the developing nations for over consumption of resources and environmental destruction in return. So I'd like to ask Mr. Blair a question. How should western nations share the obligations for environmental protection with developing countries?"

     "I agree with the view of Mayor Zhang Jianfei." Blair said, and added that developed countries and developing countries should not blame one another but join hands to seek solutions to environmental problems on the basis of cooperative spirits. China and western nations can enter into cooperation and make technological exchanges in the development of clean energy, the R&D of environmental friendly electric vehicles and other sectors. It's our common mission and responsibility to reduce carbon emissions for environmental protection.

     "As a mayor, I attach high attention to ecological environmental protection. But I'm always obsessed with the lack of technologies for environmental protection. I want to ask whether Mr. Blair can help introduce advanced environmental protection technologies into China at a lower cost." Zhang raised another question immediately after Blair answered the first one.

     "I hope that such an achievement can be reached in Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009 held at the end of the year." Blair answered.

     After his enthusiastic dialogue with Blair, Zhang briefed the measures taken and fruitful achievements Changsha has scored in ecological environmental protection. He noted that the best and clever way to protect environment at the lowest cost is to avoid environmental destruction. The cause for environmental protection calls for the participation and supports of the public but should not be the only responsibility of Government. Changsha City has formulated a three-year action plan for environmental protection, according to which, an amount of 11 billion RMB will be invested to 369 key projects in terms of infrastructure construction and ecological environment optimization in three years. In addition, some economic means has been applied to achieve satisfying effects. For example, seven disposable articles for daily use including throwaway toothbrushes etc. are not allowed to be offered for free in Changsha-based hotels and guesthouses, serving as a successful example of protecting environment through economic means.

     Zhang's wonderful speech won warm applauses from everyone at present.


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