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Changsha-Zhuzhou Expressway to Be Open to Traffic this Year

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/9/5 12:17:37

  The Changsha-Zhuzhou Expressway project, as the eastern section of the Great Outer Ring of Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster, is progressing smoothly at present, and the main line is expected to be completed and open to traffic by the end of this year, when the total length of Hunan¨s under-construction and open-to-traffic expressways will exceed 5700 kilometers.

  The construction work of the Changsha-Zhuzhou Expressway kicked off in December 2006, with a gross investment of 2.585 billion yuan.

  Starting from north of Paitou Village of Huanghua Town in Changsha County and terminating at the northwest side of Zhuzhou Electrical Machinery Plant, the Expressway totals 41.6 kilometers , of which 24.8 kilometers is located in Changsha County, 0.6 kilometers in Liuyang City, and the rest 16.2 kilometers in Zhuzhou City.

  The speed of the full range is designed to reach 100 km per hour, with the four-lane way being adopted.


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