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Red Torch of Changsha Railway Station Wears New Clothes

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/9/22 11:37:04

  The new torch standing on the top of the Bell Tower of Changsha Railway Station has changed into its new clothes for the first time since it was installed there 32 years ago. The new red torch which is made by putting 2,000 pieces of red glass together remains the same as the original one in appearance except for the brighter color. In addition, its glass material has the functions of preventing corrosion and resisting the damage of lightning strike. The glue lamination technology was applied in gluing two pieces of glass into one by using hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives in a bid to keep glass from falling off.

     据潇湘晨报 “红火炬”是32年来首次换装。换装后,火炬由2000片红玻璃拼装而成,形态如鱼鳞。换装后的火炬与火炬原型一模一样,但是,玻璃的色彩更艳丽,材质还具备防腐蚀、防雷击功能。



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