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The Fourth CIFE opens in Changsha 第四届中国国际食品博览会开幕

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The gala opening of the Fourth China (Changsha) International Food Exhibition (CIFE) & the Awarding Ceremony was grandly held at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center on the evening of Oct.7. A group of enterprises and organizations which have made outstanding contributions to the sectors of food security, food package and design, and construction of food industry among others were crowned with honors. Among them, 25 enterprises including Guizhou Wenxing Wine Marketing Industry Co., Ltd. and others together with 26 varieties of products won golden prizes at the exhibition.

The senior officials of the state present at the gala include Abdul'ahat Abdulrixit ,vice chairman of the National Committee of CPPCC, Tomur Dawamat, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC, Chen Bangzhu, member of the Standing Committee of the 10th National Committee of CPPCC and president of the China Association for Quality, Zhong Youping, vice minister of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, Fang Aiqing, member of the Party Leadership group and minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Xie Sizhong, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of SASAC, Bian Zhenjia, vice minister of the State Food and Drug Administration and He Jihai, president of China General Chamber of Commerce and president of China Council for the Promotion of Nationalities Trade. Top leaders of Hunan Province as Mei Kebao, Cai Lifeng, Gan Lin, Shi Yuzhen, Pang Daomu and some veteran comrades also attended the party.

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