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Yueyang Development Zone Focuses on New & Hi-tech Development

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/10/9 17:17:41

From January to August, 37 new & hi-tech enterprises above designated size in Yueyang Economic Development Zone had created 5.83 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the total industrial output value of the zone.

Now 5 engineering centers above provincial level and 2 post-doctoral mobile stations have been established in this area where more than 30 patent applications and transformed technological achievements can be reached every year. 24 new & hi-tech enterprises have cooperation with 17 research institutes and universities such as Hunan University and National University of Defense Technology. Besides, 112 new & hi-tech programs have been obtained, among which 23 programs are listed in the national "863 Program" or provincial-level or state-level plans while 20 enterprises are honored as "Famous Trademark of China" or "Hunan Famous Brand" or "Yueyang Famous Brand". Four leading enterprises including Yueyang Zhusheng Valve Pipeline Co., Ltd. and Yueyang Dalu Laser Technology Co., Ltd. have become standard-makers for other Chinese enterprises in their respective fields.

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