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Taiwan Gourmet Hall Attracts Numerous Consumers on the Fourth CIFE

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/10/10 17:31:47

  The typical Taiwan food made their first appearance on the fourth China International Food Exhibition. The fragrant coffee, steaming meat balls, tasty sausages and various kinds of fast desserts from Taiwan attracted a large number of people to have a taste.

  On the forum &the press conference of Taiwan Food Brands held on the afternoon of October 8, Zeng Hanshou, deputy director of Taipei World Trade Center, remarked that this exhibition brought the best and delicious food of Taiwan to Changsha.

  The Taiwan Gourmet Hall made up of four well-known Taiwan food enterprises shows its unique cultural charm of gourmet. They are Black Bridge sausages from Tainan, Weilih Food from Taichung, Mr. Brown Coffee of King Car Group in Yilan, and Hairei meatballs from Xinzhu.


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