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Gathering of Hunan Local Cuisine 品尝100道家乡菜

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/10/19 15:07:24

  The Jinglongyu Camellia Oil Gathering of Hunan Local Cuisine sponsored by Jinglongyu Group, a well-known edible oil company across the country drew its curtain in front of the Better Life Shopping Mall at Dongtang District of Changsha City at 19:30 on Oct,17. Nearly one thousand expert cooks of local cuisine have entered for the activity since it was launched on Sept.12 . After a month’s selection through the votes of several hundred thousand netizens and professional judges’s assessments, 28 dishes of local flavor recommended by 14 cities and prefectures across the province were short-listed. 14 classic local dishes came to the fore finally which become the representative dishes of different cities and prefectures. The 14 representative dishes include Specially Made Tasted Snake from Changsha’s Ningxiang County, Duck in Blood Source from Zhuzhou’s You County, Mao Braised Pork with Grown Source from Xiangtan City, Stewed Pork Intestines Clay Pot from Changde City, Fried Bamboo Shoot from Yiyang’s Anhua County, Fried Duck with Camellia Oil from Yueyang City,the First Dish from Hengyang City, Steamed Spare Ribs with Flavored Rice Powder in Bamboo Tubes from Chenzhou City, Fried Dong’an Chicken from Yongzhou City, Pig Blood Balls from Shaoyang City, Soup Mixed with Ox Tripe, Ox Blood and Beef from Loudi’s Xinhua County, Duck with Rice Cake Supplemented with Duck Blood from Huaihua’s Hongjiang County, Minced Duck Mixed with Rice Powder and Chili Powder from Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Tujia Mixture of Bacon, Ox Tripe and Pork Intestines Hot Pot from Zhangjiajie City.



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