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The Wuhan-Guangzhou PDL Ran a Successful Trial

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/12/11 16:50:21

  On December 9, the train on trial running is ready to leave the Guangzhou South Railway station.

  On December 9, the train on trial running gets everything ready and is waiting for orders to start in Wuhan Railway Station.

  On December 9, the locomotive engineer is driving the train through the tunnel at high speed.

  On December 9, the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger dedicated line (PDL) run a successful trial. The train started from Guangzhou South Railway Station at 7:56am and arrived at Wuhan Railway Station within 3 hours. This indicates that the construction of the world's first Made-in-China PDL that reaches a speed of 350 km per hour has been fully completed and the railway is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year.

  The Wuhan-Guangzhou PDL's construction started from June 23, 2005. Stretching from Wuhan Railway Station in the north to Guangzhou South Railway Station in the south, this line covers a total length of 1068.6 kilometers. As a part of Beijing-Guangzhou PDL, the line is designed to achieve a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, which is ranking top in the world. In the test running, it reached 394 kilometers per hour. After it is opening to traffic, it will only take 3 hours to travel from Wuhan to Guangzhou, much shorter than the current 10.5 hours.

  Once being put into operation, the Wuhan-Guangzhou PDL will be a railway of its kind that has the longest mileage in the world, the highest technical standard and the highest speed in China.

  Translator: Zhou Jingqi

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