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Hunan’s Foreign Trade Began to Pick Up

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2009/12/16 15:54:54

  According to the statistics provided by the Changsha Customs, from January to November this year, Hunan’s foreign trade volume amounted to 9.09 billion USD. Despite the overall decline in the sector compared with that of last year, the export value of November reached 500 million USD, significantly reducing the decline rate to 17.8%. The foreign trade in the province began to show a sign of recovery. 

  A customs officer analyzed that the impact the global financial crisis posed on the sector in the province became noticeable this year. The exports to European and American markets shrank a lot while the exports to African countries such as Algeria rose significantly. Besides, the imports of raw materials and key parts had a sharp increase.

  The economic downturn exerted less influences on the exports of labor-intensive products such as textiles, fireworks, firecrackers and agricultural products. It also had the least impact on the development of foreign-funded enterprises.

  In the past eleven months, the exports of hi-tech products from Hunan increased 5.2% and came to 260 million USD, while the imports of such products totaled 370 million USD, up 59.6%. The import and export value of agricultural products reached 180 million USD and 370 million USD respectively. It’s predicted that this year Hunan’s annual foreign trade volume will exceed 10 billion USD.

  Translator: Guo Yan

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