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Changsha High-Tech Industrial Zone Provide Subsidies for Enterprises Listing Overseas

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2010/2/21 10:09:59

  During the Spring Festival of Chinese New Year of Tiger, the Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the CHTIDZ), with industrial development as the basis, first launched a series of awarding measures on investment and financing, which injects new vitality into the enterprises and helps them burgeon in the new year.

  It is informed that the CHTIDZ plans to set a fund of 50 million yYuan this year for guiding the investment in starting business, and issued management measures for the guiding fund in a bid to attract domestic and foreign risk investment institutions, venture capital organizations, private capital bodies and other types of capital investment start-ups.

  For the high-tech enterprises which realize capital expansion via the capital market, the CHTIDZ also provides some preferential policies. The Administrative Committee of the CHTIDZ stipulates that the listed reserving enterprises belonging to the zone and newly completing the shares restructuring will be granted a subsidy of 200,000 yYuan at a time; the enterprises listed in the main enterprises board, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) board, and the GEM (Growth Enterprises Market) board and those completing the due diligence before the agency share transfer system is listed will get a subsidy of 800,000 yYuan at a time; the enterprises listed overseas successfully will receive a subsidy of one million yYuan at a time from the CHTIDZ.

  Translator: Zhou Jingqi


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