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A New Bridge Crossing the Xiangjiang River to Be Built in North Changsha

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2010/3/10 15:16:14

  The embryonic design of the Fuyuan-Xiangjiang Bridge to be optimized in the future

  The construction scheme of the Fuyuan-Xiangjiang Bridge in the north of Changsha City has drawn great attention from citizens for a long time. According to relevant resources, the final scheme has been selected recently. Since there are so many cable-stayed bridges in the city, the Changsha Municipal Government preferred the arch bridge scheme.

  The total length of the new bridge will reach 3,540 meters with 1,430 meters spanning over the Xiangjiang River. The bridge will be designed to be an urban trunk avenue with six two-way lanes and 3.5 meter-wide pavement on each side. The standard width of the bridge will be 31.5 meters. Far away from the turbulent area near the mouth of the Liuyang River, the bridge will have main and auxiliary navigation spans of 3〜210 meters and 85 meters respectively with a net height of 10 meters.

  About 1 km away from the Changsha Museum, Changsha Library and Changsha Concert Hall which are under construction, the to-be-built bridge will have little diverse impact on the sight effect of the Changsha's artistic corner.

  Relevant engineers in charge revealed that the design of the bridge is underway and the project will be carried out at a total investment of 1.152 billion yuan.

  Translator: Guo Yan


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