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Hunan Agricultural International Cooperative Projects Reach Five Continents

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2010/3/24 14:27:29

  In recent years, Hunan has actively promoted the international cooperation in the sector of agriculture with hybrid rice acting as a trump card in the province's economic diplomacy. The statistics show that despite the global trade turbulence arising from the international financial crisis, the import and export volume of the agricultural products of Hunan Province last year totaled 463 million USD, with a year-on-year growth of 9.9%.

  Hybrid rice plays a unique role in the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the Asian, African and Latin-American countries. Since the 1990s, the hybrid rice expert team led by Academician Yuan Longping went to Vietnam, India, America, the Philippines, Pakistan, Belgium and New Zealand, etc. several times to popularize hybrid rice technology and trained more than one thousand professionals for 30 countries and regions.

  Hunan-based enterprises are encouraged to go global through the platform of the national cooperative projects. In the past five years, the province carried out seven agricultural international cooperative projects including the South-South cooperative projects funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), China's foreign aid projects and bilateral mutually beneficial cooperative projects. Hunan's foreign aid agricultural projects were highly hailed by the regions and countries that received the aids, which has also boosted the economic development of the province.

  Translator: Guo Yan

     本报3月22日讯(记者 柳德新 通讯员 彭向阳)湖南省积极推动农业国际合作,杂交水稻成为经济外交的“王牌”。据统计,在国际金融危机引发全球贸易环境大动荡的背景下,我省去年农产品进出口总额4.63亿美元,同比增长9.9%。


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