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Changsha Airport Tried 300-Seat Airbus

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2010/4/1 11:52:04

Airbus A330-300

  It is learned from the Changsha Border Defense Inspection Station of Hunan Border Defense Contingent on March 30 that the airbus A330-300, with 313 seats, will be adopted from April 1st by the Taiwan Mandarin Airlines (The company undertakes the direct flights between Taiwan and Hunan). This would be the first time since 1999 for Changsha Huanghua International Airport to try 300-seat airbuses.

  The ready for take-off airbus A330-300 has a passenger capacity of 313 with a flight range reaching 10,500 kilometers. It caters to all kinds of air routes and can be equipped with the most advanced entertainment system and airborne communication system.

  “Due to the length of the runway, the aircrafts in the Changsha Huanghua International Airport are subject to middle and small size with a passenger capacity below 180”,,conceded Liu Hong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Changsha Border Defense Inspection Station. The 3,200-meter runway constructed last year is now in operation, which made it possible for large aircrafts’ landings and takeoffs.

  Translator: Zhou Qiong


  本报讯(记者 彭玮蔚 通讯员 聂森峰 任彪 罗永)昨日记者从湖南边防总队长沙边防检查站获悉,从4月1日开始,担负湘台直飞任务的台湾华信航空公司将改用313座的空客A330-300型飞机,这将是长沙空港口岸首次运营300座以上大飞机。



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