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Zhou Qiang Inspects Flood Control and Disaster-Relief Work in Changsha

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2010/6/24 13:03:28

  On the afternoon of June 22, at the critical moment of combating the flood peak of the Xiangjiang River, Secretary of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee Zhou Qiang came to Changsha City to inspect and direct the flood prevention and relief work and conveyed greetings to the cadres and masses who are fighting against the flood disaster at the forefront. Zhou emphasized that all departments at all levels should be mobilized to deploy and implement flood prevention work again so as to respond to the flood of the Xiangjiang River and the coming heavy rain so as to safeguard people's lives and properties.

  After experiencing 7 rounds of heavy rain this year, Xiangjiang River has 31% storage on the high side and breaches the warning water level twice. The great attention paid by all departments at all levels, scientific management, active response and measures guarantee security of the lives and property of Changsha citizens.

  Secretary Zhou pointed out the following aspects should be strengthened at the current stage: to do well in all tasks of fighting against flood of the Xiangjiang River, give priority to inspection and protection of dykes and handle emergencies promptly; to cope with the new round of heavy rain and take targeted measures on potential dangers; to give prominent attentions to the prevention of geological hazards such as mountain torrents.

  Translator: Zhang Minsi


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