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Assistant Governor Yuan Jianyao Inspects Tobacco Industry in Changsha and Liuyang

Updated:2010/7/14 14:09:20
Assistant Governor Yuan Jianyao (R) inspected the process of tobacco flue curing at the step-by-step solar heating tobacco curing barn of Zhongzhou Tobacco Leaf Processing Plant in Liuyang City.
On July 9, Yuan Jianyao, assistant governor of Hunan Province, conducted an inspection on the situation of tobacco leaf production and purchase in Changsha and Liuyang.

Yuan said, in recent years, Changsha has made noticeable achievements in the proper and smooth combination of the construction of modern tobacco agriculture and the building-up of new socialist countryside, thus bringing more income to farmers, more profits to the government and a new look to the countryside. Particularly in the first half of this year, Changsha and Liuyang have maintained the stable development of tobacco leaf industry and guaranteed the benefits of tobacco farmers by actively responding to natural disasters and making full use of infrastructure facilities for tobacco leaf production.

He also noted that, in order to do well in purchasing tobacco leaf soon, relevant departments should have a full recognition of the importance and difficulties of the task, make a strict control over the implementation of plans and contracts, exert efforts to safeguard the benefits of farmers on the basis of fair tobacco leaf purchase and offer a proper price to plenteous tobacco leaves.

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