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Japanese Calligrapher Toshie TAI Wraps up Her Visit to Hunan

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2011/2/21 9:29:35

  Toshie TAI, a famous Japanese poet and calligrapher, wound up her visit to Hunan for calligraphy exchanges and left Changsha on Feb.17.

  Accompanied by Liu Guangwen, vice-chairman of the Hunan Calligrapher Association, Xie Zhaogang, president of the Hunan Oracle Bone Inscription Association as well as Professor Ye Guanghan, a famous poet and calligrapher also known as "The Most Special Genius", Toshie TAI took a four-day tour in Hunan for cultural and artistic exchanges.

  During her stay, she visited and investigated many Hunan cultural sites, including Yuelu Mountain, Yuelu Academy, Dongting Lake, Changsha Jian Du Museum and Hunan Provincial Museum. Meanwhile, she also took part in an interactive calligraphy event during Xiangnv Chuyun art salon.

  Liu Guangwen gave high praise to Toshie TAI for her superb charm in the art of calligraphy. During her visit, Liu and Professor Ye, etc, presented the latest-created seals to Japanese friends and elevant cultural institutions. Toshie TAI also created valuable calligraphy works for Hunan literary and art circles before she left for home.


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