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Xu Shousheng hosts government meeting for constructing “Innovative Hunan”

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2012-02-02 10:22:26

 Rednet (Changsha,Hunan)In the afternoon of January 31, Xu Shousheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and acting governor of Hunan Province, hosted the executive meeting of Hunan government for the construction of "innovative Hunan", works on audit safty in production and etc. 

 The meeting approved the document named "Construction Program (draft) of 'Innovative Hunan' ".   The core of 'Innovative Hunan'  focuses on scientific and technological improvements for the whole society of Hunan province.   The core based on technology,  education, innovation system and mechanism and talents .  Scientific and technological innovation will promote the economic and social developments of Hunan  . 

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