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PSY’s wacky video for “Gangnam Style”

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2012/10/16 9:41:03

  Over the past few weeks, PSY's wacky video for "Gangnam Style" has become a YouTube sensation, generating more than 112,000,000 views since July 15. It's also been Tweeted more than 780,000 times and received over 260,000 likes on Facebook, reports Mashable.com.

  在过去几周里,鸟叔怪异的《江南Style》成了YouTube的大热门,根据社交媒体新闻网站Mashable 的报道,自7月15日以来YouTube上 点击率已近超过1亿1200万次,在推特上的转发达78万次,在脸谱网上则收到超过26万个“赞”。

  With the rapper making an appearance at Thursday's MTV Video Music Awards, here's what you need to know about the break-out artist.


  1.His real name is Park Jae-Sang


  The 35-year-old K-pop (or Korean pop) rapper is known for his comedic music videos and performances. The video for "Gangnam Style" is no exception. When his debut album PSY ... From the Psycho World! was released in 2001, he was nicknamed "Bizarre Singer" because of his unusual dress, candid lyrics and comical dance movies.


  2.Gangnam is a wealthy neighborhood in Seoul


  Gangnam may only be 15 square miles, but the district in Seoul, South Korea, is home to the headquarters of some of the country's most influential companies, including Samsung, Hyundai and LG. The region also makes up seven percent of South Korea's GDP. Forty-one percent of students at Seoul University, a very prestigious college, come from Gangnam. The lyrics of PSY's song describe the personality traits of a girl and a guy.


  3.He studied in the U.S.


  Born in South Korea on December 31, 1977, PSY attended Banpo Elementary School, Banpo Middle School and Eva High School. But when it came time to pursue a college degree, the rapper attended both Boston University and Berklee College of Music.


  4."Gangnam Style" is giving K-pop international exposure


  "Gangnam Style" is currently No. 1 on the iTunes music video chart. The video has surpassed Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"; Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean)"; and Katy Perry's "Wide Awake." This is the first time a Korean artist has ranked this high on iTunes.

  “江南Style”目前在iTunes音乐录影排行榜上位列第一,超过了泰勒·斯威夫特的“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”,贾斯丁·比伯的“As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean)” 和凯蒂·佩里的“Wide Awake”。这是第一个在iTunes上取得如此高排名的韩国歌手。

  5.He might be the next Justin Bieber


  In mid-August, PSY was spotted at the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium watching the home team take on the San Francisco Giants. The rapper was in town to meet with Scooter Braun, who manages Justin Bieber, signed Carly Rae Jepsen and manages The Wanted in North America. In early September, it was announced via YouTube that Psy signed to Braun's Schoolboy Records, part of Universal Republic.

  8月中旬,鸟叔现身洛杉矶道奇体育馆,观看主队和旧金山巨人队的比赛。鸟叔来洛杉矶是和著名经纪人斯库特·布劳恩见面。布劳恩是是贾斯丁比伯的经纪人,也是英国偶像组合The Wanted 在北美的经纪人,加拿大偶像卡莉·瑞·杰普森(神曲Call Me Maybe 的演唱者)也是他的签约歌手。9月初,YouTube上就有消息称鸟叔与布劳恩环球唱片旗下的Schoolboy唱片签约。(来源:沪江英语网)

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