Going to a Fair in Community Days

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2015-01-29 11:33:02
Going to a Fair in Community Days (Chinese: 赶分社, pinyin:gan fen she) , is a unique cultural heritage of Anren county, Hunan Province. Community days are festival days for local people to go to market trading medicine for commemorating Emperor Yan ( also named as Shen Nong, the Immortal Farmer also a god in charge of herbal and farming). The ancient legend of Anren says that encountering medicine and 72 kinds of poison, Shen Nong tested herbs on his own in Anren County, and he saved people and cured the diseases. To commemorate him,   descen-dants in Anren built the Temple of Emperor Yan, and they commemorate him each year for  bles-sing their harvest, exchanging traditional Chinese herbal medicine and farming tools. Community days start at the three days before each Spring Equinox and ends three days after each Spring Equinox. Since Song dynasty, this tradition lasts more than 1,000 years.  more