Sangzhi:Mountains and Rivers of our beautiful hometown

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Updated:2015-10-21 15:55:57


(焕然一新的洪家关街道,皮杰正开着洒水车清晨作业。Pi Jie is driving a sprinkler on a wide road of Sangzhi in cheerful music, on a wide road of Hongjiaguan village. )

(重新装修后的红军桥,不再是过去沧桑模样 Repaired Red Army's Bridge is no longer a broken bridge as in the past. )

(讴歌桑植烈士英魂的桑植魂宝鼎 Memorial Ding presents martyrs' souls)

(正在重修的贺龙纪念馆 He Long Memorial Hall is rebuilt. )

(现代农业产业园中利用水稻绘制的“中国梦”Characters of "China dream" of color rice are planted In modern agriculture park. )

(桑植县委书记刘卫兵接受红网采访Liu Weibing, secretary of the committee of Sangzhi County's CPC,accepts the interview by Rednet. )


  Under the bright sun , average people of Sangzhi County of Hunan Province are experiencing better living than ever. Chen Maochun’s little daughter woke up in a smile, because his father a a farmer from Liuyang was not longer worrying about his daughter’s medical fee ; Pi Jie was driving a sprinkler on a wide road of Sangzhi in cheerful music ; Yu Yuanming and Liang Jin, a couple from Changde, moved into new public rental apartment with cherish. It was a normal and happy day of thousands of average people’s and families’, and scenes realized the dreams of common wealth depicted by Chinese Communist Part and Chinese Government.


  Sangzhi County, of Zhangjiajie City in Hunan province, is hometown of He Long marshal and also the departure site of Red Army in Long March. As a remote place of Chinese revolutionary history, Sangzhi County was left behind in economic development, with mud road ,sheds, inconvenient transportation and lower standard of living conditions. However, great changes have taken place there for recent years.


  According to the decisions and deployments by Hunan Provincial Committee of CPC and Hunan Government, the project of" Constructing Beautiful Villages for Precise Poverty Eradication" was launched in April 2014, tourism projects of He Long Marshal’s old homes were promoted in the Hongjiaguan village etc., with the target of building them as beautiful village-models, village-models of comprehensive Moderate Prosperity, national precise poverty eradication models, national AAAAA level scenic spots and China most beauty villages in occasion of He Marshal’s 120th birth anniversary on March 22, 2016. These projects make the areas of ethnic residents march on the way to moderate prosperity with the results of constructing beautiful villages, implementing poverty eradication, promoting red tourism.


  Sangzhi completed GPD of 6.75 billion yuan last year with 10.2% of increase. Its income of public finance reached to 500 million Yuan with 12% of increase; 2.35 billion yuan public budget was spent with 14% of increase. Fixed asset investment increased to 4.56 billion yuan. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents’ in Sangzhi reached to 6,855 Yuan RMB with 11.5% of increase. Sangzhi has enough confidence to believe the better future of development. 

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