Two-month grape festival kicks off in Qingshanpu

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-08-04 10:10:53

  Qingshanpu, a town renowned for having the sweetest grapes in Changsha county, opened its annual grape festival on July 30.

  The festival, which has been held in the area for the past three years, aims to promote both the vineyards and the local tourism industry. An exciting addition to this year's celebration is an agricultural market selling a wide range of local specialty products.

Two-month grape festival kicks off in Qingshanpu

  A family picking grapes in Qingshanpu, July 30. [Photo by Xu Xing/Hunan Daily]

  Saturday afternoon's opening ceremony treated spectators to some wonderful performances that captured the town's distinctive cultural charm. Highlights included a drum and dance show and the singing of various local folk songs.

  Visitors to the festival have the chance to choose which grapes they believe to be ripe for the picking and then immediately savor the sweetness of Qingshanpu grapes.

  There is also the chance to bring some local flavors back home with a walk through the agricultural market, which sells sustainably farmed fish, crayfish and duck.

Two-month grape festival kicks off in Qingshanpu

  Drum dance show in the opening ceremony on July 30. [Photo by Xu Xing/Hunan Daily]

  However, delicious as the Qingshanpu grapes are, the two-month long festival is more than simply a chance to consume the town's famous produce. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sight of blossoming lotus flowers, take a stroll through the small town, visit local institutes such as a center for agricultural education or local folk music, or make the trip to Tianhua Mountain.

  It is hoped that the festival, scheduled to run through October, will serve as a platform to boost local agricultural development and promote the local economy.

Two-month grape festival kicks off in Qingshanpu

  Children and parents tasting sweet grapes. [Photo by Xu Xing/Hunan Daily]