Spending Qixi Festival Under Beautiful Starry Sky

Updated:2016-08-04 10:14:26

Starry sky viewing from the mountaintop of Dawei Mountain 

Zhurong Peak of Mount Hengshan

Tranquil Baishi Village at the foot of Fushou Mountain under the sky  
As Qixi festival or Chinese Valentineí»s Day approaches, a list of fantastic destinations are selected out for you to spend the romantic day with your beloved under a beautiful starry sky. 
Mountain Hengshan Sky Festival 
Best viewing spot: Zhurong Peak
Recommended reason: Mount Hengshan is known as a perfect combination between cultural and natural scenery. Its Zhurong Peak is equipped with complete supporting facilities and boasts a plain and large square. 
Dawei Mountain 
Best viewing spot: Qixing Peak
Recommended reason: With a high altitude above sea level, Dawei Mountain boasts a light pollution-free sky and beautiful landscape. 
Baishi Village, Pingjiang County
Best viewing spot: lakeside and mountaintop of Fushou Mountain
Recommended reason: a best place for sky enthusiasts, which enjoys convenient transportation and sound supporting facilities 
Ziquejie Terrace 
Best viewing spot: viewing decks such as Yaji Viliage
Recommended reason: you may have a different view from a different height. 
Huping Mountain
Best viewing spot: summit of its main peak
Recommended reason: Huping Mountain is at a high altitude above sea level, which contributes to its clean and fresh air and light pollution-free sky.